Monday, October 12, 2015

On Having One More

Well as many of you already know, we are expecting a new addition this April.  We haven't been keeping secrets, it's just that I didn't realize I was pregnant right away.  Um, again.

Things that should have tipped me off had I not been in complete pregnancy denial:
  • A sudden and complete coffee aversion.
  • An equally sudden craving for instant Café Francais (?)
  • A lack of migraines despite the severe decrease in caffeine consumption.
  • A "cold" that lasted for weeks and weeks leaving me perpetually tired and nauseous.
  • Being so sick with my "cold" that I didn't want to eat anything, ever. 
  • Bursting into tears when switching out Margaret's clothes out because one day she was going to outgrow the new bigger ones too.
  • Bursting into tears because the kids were behaving so badly.
  • Bursting into tears because the kids were behaving so well.
  • Bursting into tears.
The signs could no longer be ignored though after I found myself unable to floss one morning and had to face the fact that colds don't cause that particular variety of nausea, or as a normal person would recognize it, morning sickness.    I guess I'm just becoming the master of the ten week pregnancy realization.  

Of course by eleven weeks I wouldn't have been able to deny it anyway because I was clearly showing.  By twelve weeks a complete man-stranger at the park felt comfortable enough to comment on my obviously pregnant state.  And by thirteen weeks, well by thirteen weeks......

We are excited.  And overwhelmed.  After all, five children seven and under is kind of a lot of children.  But mostly we are excited.

This pregnancy does mark the first time our big new elicited an "oh, I'm sorry" acknowledgment.  The person in question did follow up with a "well, congratulations" but it didn't feel super sincere after the initial reaction of pity.  I believe the problem is that we have officially gone past the socially acceptable number of children to have.  Since we front loaded with so many boys I think I had a pass on previous pregnancies because I was obviously just trying for a girl.  Now that we "got our girl" though people are really confused.  The "so are you just going to keep going?" questions have begun rolling in.  And the answer to those questions is......we don't know.

We're just going to take care of this baby now and not waste time worrying about any future hypothetical children that we may or may not be able to conceive.  After all, today has enough trouble of its own and all that.  

So to recap:  We're having another baby, most likely in April.  I didn't notice at first, but then I did.  And once we're done with that we may or may not have another.
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