Thursday, December 17, 2015

{p,h,f,r} The Christmas Crafting Edition

{pretty, happy, funny & real}

Auntie Leila asked if anyone had any Christmas crafting going on so I figured I'd oblige, but I've only crafted one thing for Christmas--unless you count stringing popcorn for the tree, which I totally do but am too lazy to photograph--so these little beauties will have to suffice for all my pretty, happy, funny and reals this time.  I like to make the kids at least some kind of handmade present each year, but this Advent hasn't exactly been going as planned.  Lucky for Margaret, hand sewing is very soothing to me so I was able to come through with her gift.  Also, it's a lot easier to think of things to make for a little girl than a troop of boys.  

I used this tutorial which just involves making a pattern using a cupcake liner and then decorating as desired.  They came together really quickly and are just a wee bit wonky, but so are my actual cupcakes usually so really that just makes these even more realistic.

When David saw what I was up to he decided that he really wanted to make Margaret something too.  Originally that included a cake, cookies, a tea cup, eggnog and more cookies but I was able to scale his ambitions back to just a cake.  He drew up a picture of what he wanted and I winged a pattern.  He was really excited to work on his project for about thirty minutes, sewing on a whole lot of beads to make sprinkles on top and then........he was pretty much over it.  He's got a lot of ideas that one. Hopefully in the future he'll have lots of people to bring them all to fruition.  For now I suppose I'm his people.  So I guess I've got one more Christmas craft to finish this week after all.....

And as always make sure to head over to Like Mother, Like Daughter for even more captured contentment.
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