Thursday, April 30, 2015

{p,h,f,r} The Backyard Edition


Our backyard is looking very pretty, if I do say so myself.  There is so much coming up and blooming.  After our first real winter in several years, this spring has just been glorious. We've set out several bird feeders and created some little secret pathways for the boys and with all the flowers it feels a little magical back there.


The kids still just love the swingset, and David would like everyone to know that he has finally mastered the pumping of the legs.  Really.  Everyone.  The mailman, the boys next door, the random lady at the commissary....


And yes, those are my children frolicking on the urine-soaked mattress of despair.  I'd like to say they were playing the "jump over the dog pee" game but I'm pretty sure they weren't bothering with that.  The mattress is now residing on our back porch until the bulk trash pick up day this weekend, once again making us the classiest family in the neighborhood.


So, now that it's spring and the yard is great and we have the amazing playset to occupy them, the big boys have been spending a lot of unsupervised time in the yard--which is usually fine.  Sometimes though I check on them and find that they have clearly been up to no good.

Me:  What happened to the willow tree?
John:  Henry did it.
Henry:  No I didn't! [insert whiny shriek here] David did it!
Me:  David?
David:  Well, we were playing whomping willow so I needed to make it whomp........
Me:  Oh, well of course then that makes sense.

Don't worry, the tree has been re-staked and will hopefully survive its first (and probably not its last) Reintjes sons attack.  And also I think we're going to simmer down with the Harry Potter audio books for a while.  

I hope your Springs are shaping up to be just as pretty and your porches just as classy as ours are!  And, as always, don't forget to pop over to Like Mother, Like Daughter to see even more captured contentment.
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